Sunday, February 13, 2011

Something's changing

Last Week

continue raffle quilt when fabric arrives
continue Jill's quilt

Monday - Gym
Monday - Scott dentist
Tuesday - VUESCG
Tuesday - Daniel ASEP
Thursday - Scott wisdom tooth extraction
Schedule Dr, dentist appt, Staff Appreciation meeting.

There's a hint of spring in the air. Days are getting longer (it's still light at 5!) and a little warmer (it's almost 30ยบ out right now!) Sugaring season will soon be upon us, then Easter, then spring! (Then mud) I've seen a couple of Cedar Waxwings already, and have noticed more birdsong when I go outside in the morning. Yeah! Also, we didn't get any plowable snow this week. Things are looking up.

So the raffle top is done, and I'll get Jill's g-baby top done this week as well. I went with the smaller size to preserve the symmetry. Maintaining that and making it bigger would have required 22 more blocks, and no. Just no. So there it is. I'll get it layered this week and then decide if I can afford the time to quilt it here, myself, or the $ to take it to Middlebury and use the long arm. Probably the first, though I haven't done the taxes yet. Another project for this week.

Now, to the menu. Hrm.. broccoli soup doesn't really seem very Valentines-y, does it? Maybe I'll revise that.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - Feb 6 - 19

Sunday - swedish meatballs, noodles
Monday - Cheese and Broccoli soup
Tuesday - omelets
Wednesday - Mac & cheese
Thursday - beef stew
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - tacos & nachos
Sunday - Garlic Chicken
Monday - chicken noodle soup
Tuesday - fried rice, egg rolls
Wednesday - BINGO night - mac and beef
Thursday - burgers
Friday - strombolli
Saturday - ribs

(Feb 19-27 subject to change - February vacation)

find and prepare backing for raffle quilt
finish Jill's quilt top

Monday - Gym
Monday - Coffee w/ Tracy re: ACS Daffodil Days
Tuesday - meet with Rebecca re: VUES fundraiser
Tuesday - Property taxes due
Tuesday - Daniel ASEP
Wednesday - Hair appointment 11:00
Saturday - Cubs Blue and Gold breakfast
Next week - Feb vacation!


Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

what? no heart shaped meatloaf???

WilmaNC1 said...

I thought about you yesterday. Saw this box of chocolates at a store called Urban Outfitters. On the outside of the box it said: I fuc*ing love you!! Don't ask me why, but I thought it might be something you would send, lol.