Sunday, February 20, 2011

That change? Never mind...

It's f-f-freezing again! After getting into the 50s on Monday and Tuesday, it's down to the teens or even single digits again. I guess it is still February after all.

Last Week

find and prepare backing for raffle quilt
finish Jill's quilt top

Monday - Gym
Monday - Coffee w/ Tracy re: ACS Daffodil Days
Tuesday - meet with Rebecca re: VUES fundraiser
Tuesday - Property taxes due
Tuesday - Daniel ASEP
Wednesday - Hair appointment 11:00
Saturday - Cubs Blue and Gold breakfast
Next week - Feb vacation!

Look, another top done! Jill's grandbaby's top - 36" square, and colorful, just what she wanted (I hope.) It's not due until April, I think, baby's due in May. But done is good, so done it shall be. With no school this week, I'll get the raffle quilt at least layered, maybe quilted as well. It needs to be done soon - the show is 3 weeks from yesterday.

After these two, I'll move on to Simon's, I think. I'd like to have it finished in time to enter it into the County Fair in August. That means getting it pieced before school's out in June. I think That's reasonable. Snail's Trail in green; I hope I have that Too. Much. Green. out of my system now with all these bright things lately. I'm not feeling that way anymore so it should be good.

I was thinking last night I'd like to do some lace knitting again - I have plenty of yarn downstairs - even some lovely laceweight merino and alpaca. Tori's been working with huge needles and super chunky yarn to make herself a blanket to take to college in the fall. It's superfast, but those big stitches and thick needles hold no appeal for me. Even worsted seems too heavy.

Scott bought the family the ice cream maker attachment for my mixer for Valentine's Day. Yesterday we unpacked it and stuck the bowl out on the deck. It hasn't been above freezing, and is only 16ยบ outside right now, so it should be sufficiently frozen, I suspect. I've never made ice cream before, but there's heavy cream in the fridge so I think we'll manage something. Can't wait!

Next Week

Dinner Menu - Feb 20 - March 12

Sunday - Garlic Chicken
Monday - chicken noodle soup
Tuesday - fried rice, egg rolls
Wednesday - BINGO night - deli sandwiches
Thursday - BBQ pork
Friday - calzones
Saturday - Mac & beef
Sunday - Roast Chicken, mashed potatoes
Monday - Cheddar broccoli soup
Tuesday - Quiche and spinach salad
Wednesday - Spaghetti & meatballs
Thursday - BBQ beef sandwiches
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - quesadillas
(Feb 19-27 subject to change - February vacation)

find and prepare backing for raffle quilt
layer and quilt at least one top (Jill or raffle)
Start a lace project.

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - kids to dentist
Wednesday - Senior class BINGO fundraiser
Friday - Monday - pick up ACS daffodil orders
get taxes done
All week - Feb vacation!

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