Monday, February 21, 2011

Busted, but not broken

Please excuse the dry skin, I should have slapped some Curel on first.

2 weeks ago, I cut my finger sharpening a knife. It bled, a lot, and I probably should have got some stitches but I was home, carless, and didn't want to trail blood all the way up the street to the doctors' office. A butterfly bandage and some guaze and tape, fixed me right up. or so I thought. It took almost two weeks to close and stay closed, and then earlier today I banged it. I think I've damage the nerve or something now. It doesn't hurt, and it does mostly straighten out eventually, but for right now, in order to point right, I really only have to hold my hand upright. ;o)

Doing my sea monster shadow puppet just got way easier, though!


Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

my dad had a finger that pointed that'a'way too, never bothered him much either. he didn't cut it first though, he just hit it too many times with a hammer *smile*.

has your sea monster learned to ice skate yet?

Teri said...

Hi Dorothy, looks like you cut your tendon. I have a little finger that looks like that. I cut the top while washing dishes and 'fixed' it myself. Never worried about it because it is my little finger but I don't think I would want my index finger stuck like that.
Hope you are well. We got dumped on with snow this morning, maybe it will all be left here before it gets to you.