Sunday, March 27, 2011

Once more from the top!

Next Week

Dinner Menu - March 27 - April 9

Sunday - Daniel's birthday party - pizza & cake
Monday - grilled cheese, tomato soup
Tuesday - swedish meatballs over egg needles noodles
Wednesday - lasagna
Thursday - beef stew
Friday - strombolli
Saturday - mac & cheese
Sunday - crock pot chicken and stuffing
Monday -Italian Wedding soup, bread sticks
Tuesday -Tacos, nachos
Wednesday - sausage fusilli
Thursday - chili, corn muffins
Friday -pizza
Saturday -burgers


Monday - Staff Appreciation meeting 8:30
Tuesday - Tori orthodontist, Daniel concert
Thursday - Scott dentist
Friday - Daniel Cubs


Christine Thresh said...

"egg needles" on Tuesday. Those may be kinda scratchy going down.

Dorothy said...

heh. yep.