Sunday, March 13, 2011

So, where was I?

Let's start fresh shall we?

The raffle quilt is quilted, bound, labeled, donated, and sold. Gonzo. (Imagine that -> quilted simply with straight diagonal lines, and a bright green binding. Seems I forgot to take a picture.) It turned out really nice, I called it Cool, Baby! 'cause it kinda was. Is. It could be a lap quilt, or a largish baby quilt. Last I saw the bidding was at $90, but if it went beyond that I don't know. I was busy cheesing nachos and bunning hot dogs. Even after expenses the concession alone brought in close to $400 I think, so mission accomplished.

Jill's baby quilt is also done, though I haven't finished the label. She's asked me to hold it until mid-April when there is a shower for her daughter. She (Jill) has seen a picture but not the actual quilt. I was considering wrapping it for her, but think I won't. Instead I'll give her a marker to personalize the label and call it done. She's asked me what she owes me. Dunno, I guess I'll ponder that a while. It was small and not too complicated, plus she's a friend. I really don't know her daughter, though...

Scott gets back from a quickish trip to California this evening so no more spreading out and leaving out for me. It's okay, clutter stifles me anyway, and having a workspace covered in stuff makes me antsy to get it cleaned up.

We had a tremendous snowstorm this week, more than 2 feet of heavy wet mess on top of the 14 or so inches still there. School was canceled Monday and Tuesday, I worked Wednesday and Thursday and spent Friday in Talent Show prep, so I've accomplished nothing beyond what HAD to be done. And not including a To Do list or (more importantly) a Menu Plan here has lead to a whole lot of chaos. Number One on this week's To Do is to restore order. Well, maybe #3 or 4. But still...

I think I might look into starting some garden seeds this week. That'd be nice. :o)

Next Week

Dinner Menu - March 13 - 26

Sunday - Tori cooks (something with broccoli and pasta)
Monday - Potato Bacon Soup, no knead bread, apple pie
Tuesday - Roast Chicken
Wednesday - Mac & Cheese
Thursday - pork chops, fried potatoes
Friday -Chicken Cordon Bleu, tater tots, corn on the cob
Saturday - pizza
Sunday - Steak and baked potatoes
Monday -Italian Wedding soup, bread sticks
Tuesday -Tacos
Wednesday - Spaghetti
Thursday - pork shoulder w/tomatoes
Friday -pizza
Saturday -burgers


Monday - Sub Williams
Thursday - Daniel dentist
Friday - Daniel Cubs
Friday - Daniel birthday

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