Saturday, May 14, 2011


I was on a roll this week, yes? I posted! A lot! Then Blogger decided that Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich announcing their bids for the White House job wasn't nearly thrilling enough and decided to shake things up and delete posts and lock us out. Well poo to all of you.

Speaking of poo (like that?) I dug some manure into the first garden bed and got this planting season off the ground. While my intention was to weed, feed, and prepare half of one bed, I, um, got a wee bit carried away and weed and turned two, started a third, manured a whole one, and dug under some compost in the other. I should have taken a picture, and will if the situation presents itself agin, but it appears that either egg shells float in soil, or worms don't like them. The compost I dug into that bed last fall was just average kitchen scrap made stuff. This spring, the ground was covered with egg shell. So the shells either floated to the surface or the worms were protesting. They're dug under again, and my tomatoes are DEFINITELY going there this year. The worms are striking sanitation workers, but tomatoes are seagulls.
First planting of lettuce, spinach, onions and carrots are in. In about 8 weeks, we might get a salad! Since Noah's been called back to active arc building duty, today seemed like good day to get things tucked into the soil. Ahhhhhh...

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