Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Last Week

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Tuesday - VUESCG
Friday - Inservice, no school

Yay. It's raining. Again. We had a nice week of dry warmish weather which certainly helped dry the ground and lower the flooded lakes and rivers, but now it's raining again. I have to search out some red onion sets and find a dryish moment to get them planted and then I'll consider myself caught up, garden-wise. I still have some summer bulbs to tuck in, and plenty of weeds to pull. I think I'm going to split a load of mulch and a load of soil with my neighbour Jill - way cheaper than buying bags.

I haven't made it out to Survivor Greenhouse yet to look for fruit trees. He's having a sale right now, and this early in the season he'll still have a decent selection. Maybe I'll brave the rain, put on my mudboots and see what can find later today. I think tomorrow (still raining) I'm going to head to town and do some errands. No point wasting a nice day when I can take advantage of the crappy weather. Beides, Tuesday I'm trapped here waiting for the dryer guy (again) and I'm working Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Simon's quilt is progressing - I still haven't tackled that mistake. Nor have I decided whether or not I will. I have played with it a little in my photo software and I'm leaning toward redoing those centers. But leaning and doing aren't exactly the same thing, so...

And here's a little funny story. I sent my mom flowers for Mothers' Day last week. I also sent flowers to Scott's mom and to his sister (since Grandma lives with her, it seemed like the least I could do.) Lisa emailed to say that the flowers had arrived and brightened the place up, and entertained her toddler as well. My mom doesn't have a computer, so she called when her flowers arrived. You have to know my mother to understand that she speaks painly, no pretense, and, without malice she says what she thinks. "The flowers are beautiful, but don't expect any from me, you aren't MY mother." Um, yeah. Okay. I wasn't. It had never occurred to me that she'd even think of sending anything. But the sentiment was... funny.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - May 15-28

Sunday - pancakes and bacon
Monday - grilled cheese
Tuesday - quesadillas
Wednesday - lasagna
Thursday - shepherd's pie
Friday - pizza
Saturday - burgers
Sunday - grilled chicken
Monday - sandwiches
Tuesday - quiche & salad
Wednesday - spaghetti
Thursday - fried rice
Friday - pizza
Saturday - *something grilled*

Continue Simon's quilt

Monday - Tori orthodontist
Tuesday - dryer repair a.m.
Wednesday - Sub kindergarten
Thursday - Sub Foley
Friday - Sub Foley

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