Sunday, June 19, 2011

Am I Becoming a Once a Week Blogger?

It would appear.
*extra note - if I write it but forget to publish, I'll be even less than that!

Last Week

Continue Simon's quilt - nope

Tuesday - PTO
Tuesday - Daniel field trip
Tuesday - Daniel to J's b'day party after school
Thursday - Last Day of school
Thursday, Friday - Tori Orientation
Saturday - Tori party

plant final bed - nope
weeding, planting, watering

The garden in still not in, that's the plan for today and tomorrow. The bed that remains is overgrown with weeds but that shouldn't take more than a few hours. Dig it up, turn it over, add some cow poop and we're good to go.

Thursday morning I left my girl at UVM for freshman orientation. She came home with smiles and a henna tattoo. I could have asked for nothing more. And yesterday Tori and her friend Hannah threw themselves a little graduation party. Fun. :o) All I had to do was run up to Costco and buy the food, they took care of everything else. Tori even found the time to put together these little sweetnesses. Her friend Kate, whose mother is getting married next weekend and they're hosting a combo wedding/grad party, has requested Tori come up with a repeat performance. I'm not sure how that will happen - Tori's working all week but... I'd better make fridge space.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - June 19 - 25

Sunday - ribs
Monday - quiche, salad
Tuesday - leftovers stirfry, rice
Wednesday - lasagna
Thursday - hot dogs / hamburgers
Friday - pizza
Saturday - Wendy & Dennis wedding

Continue Simon's quilt

M-F Tori Jump In Winooski
Monday - Vet
Tuesday - Simon job "interview"
weeding, planting, watering

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