Monday, June 13, 2011

ugh, pollen

Mucinex DM, you lie. I'm still coughing, and still plugged with mucous. Yesterday was spent semi-conscious on the couch watching the Food channel. Do I feel better today? Marginally.

Last Week

Continue Simon's quilt - nope

Wednesday - Senior Class Night
Thursday - Hair Appointment 8:30
Thursday - Tori Orthodontist

Thursday - Dentist - cancelled
Friday - Graduation
Saturday - Project Grad breakfast
clear tulip remains from garage bed, plant peppers
weeding, planting, watering

Next Week

Dinner Menu - June 12 - 18

Sunday - Chicken Cordon Bleu, roasted potatoes
Monday - sandwiches
Tuesday - tacos
Wednesday - mac & cheese
Thursday - burgers
Friday - pizza
Saturday - Tori graduation party

Continue Simon's quilt

Tuesday - PTO
Tuesday - Daniel field trip
Tuesday - Daniel to J's b'day party after school
Thursday - Last Day of school
Thursday, Friday - Tori Orientation
Saturday - Tori party
plant final bed
weeding, planting, watering


Wilma NC said...
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Wilma NC said...

(Had to delete previous post due to numerous typos) I got that crud after a visit to Ohio and the germy little great grand kid that I couldn't keep my lips off of, lol. And here my cough is just now easing up a little, after 4 weeks!!!