Sunday, June 05, 2011

Lovely lovely (the weather, that is)

Last Week

Continue Simon's quilt - not a stitch

Tuesday - German Club trip meeting
Wednesday - Sub Foley
Thursday - Kick-off to Summer Reading
Saturday - Scott to airport

weeding, planting, watering ne'er mind.

What a beautiful weather week we had! I spent several hours yesterday outside cleaning up the garden, cutting grass, trimming and restraining (ha!) the out-of-control Seven Sisters rose bush (and my sliced up hands bear evidence of same!) Scott called at one point and Tori told him I was outside singing. I was. (She says though that the neighbours probably couldn't hear me.) Happy happy.

I didn't get any more of the veggie beds done. I have corn, squash & pumpkins, and beans (green & lima) - a perfect combo for a 3Sisters garden, but I prefer bush beans to pole beans, so I will modify slightly. The corn won't go until next weekend at the earliest, anyway, to try to dodge the cutworms. I need to research a companion plant for squash beetles too - I think nasturtiums again? Maybe rosemary?

hmmm, no pictures? Maybe tomorrow.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - June 4 - 11

we're winging it this week - Scott's away

Continue Simon's quilt

Wednesday - Senior Class Night
Thursday - Hair Appointment 8:30
Thursday - Tori Orthodontist
Thursday - Dentist
Friday - Graduation
Saturday - Project Grad breakfast
clear tulip remains from garage bed, plant peppers
weeding, planting, watering

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