Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Queen of Getting Carried Away

Ever have one of those early June days where you're minding your own business putting away the outdoor Christmas decorations? You know, the ones that somehow got missed in April when the snows receded enough to get them down? And the next thing you know you're putting away the circular saw and your porch is 40% bigger?

You don't?

How about when your toddler daughter can't turn on the weird-o bathroom faucet and you end up with a whole new paint job on the lower level of your condo?


Must just be me. One thing ALWAYS leads to another. There is no self-contained project in my world. The second story is an old one, since that toddler is graduating from high school tomorrow (OMG!!) and can turn on any faucet, weird-o or otherwise. The first though? Well let me say that I'm on my way shortly to Survivor Greenhouse to get myself a hanging basket to show off my fine workmanship. Keeping my eyes out for a rocker too. In a few weeks (September?) I'll stain the whole thing I'm thinking charcoal, slap a new coat of paint on the door and boom, a beautiful front entrance. Yay!


Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

we do this all the time... doing one thing means 12 other unrelated things happen too.

dee said...

Oh yes. There is never just one project.