Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas? Already?

Well, sure! Only 5 months to go. :o) You're welcome.

I'm gonna trust that Simon doesn't read this (I don't think he does) but if I'm wrong, Simon, please pretend to be surprised anyway, 'kay?

So this is Madness. I have scheduled time on the longarm machine in Middlebury for Wednesday afternoon to get it quilted, which leaves me a week and a half to get the binding on before the fair. No problem!

The next project on my Next Four list is a denim quilt for parades and lawn concerts. When you create a big pile of this:

you end up with a small pile of this: I have 10 or so more small zippers to make monsters with! More pictures (and progress!) next month. Also, anyone have any links to free hardanger patterns on the web? Thanks!


dee said...

Really a gorgeous quilt Dorothy.

Jeri said...

Hi Dorothy, Here's some links for free hardanger patterns.