Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's nice to feel a little goosebumpy this morning!

At last, a morning below 70! It's 8:30 and still only 67º Ah, bliss!

Last(ish) Week

Assemble Madness top
Call to schedule longarm time

Sunday - fireworks!
Monday - Bristol parade
perfect a slug repellent
weeding, planting, watering

I've been doing inventory in the library this week, but without windows or A/C, I'm out of there before noon. As long as it's finished before school starts next month, I'm free to work when I want. So I scurry about madly here, getting laundry on the line and the kitchen tidied, then get to school by 8 (Friday I was there at 7.) Work 3 hours or so, and head home to do nothing for the rest of the day. I just can't function when it's 95º+ with humidity so high you can see it.
The garden is finally taking off. The snails have been dispatched, by chemical means, unfortunately, but my plants are strong and healthy now, mostly. Even the ones chewed to bare stems are sending out some nervous new leaves. C'mon out kids! The coast is clear! Of course as soon as that pest was under control, the rabbits moved in to devour the beans. A couple bars of shredded Irish Spring soap kept them out of the garden, then the big guns moved in to help keep them out of the yard!
I love that "wild" still lives so close. We've had some onions out of the garden, and a single tomato. There's a zucchini that's about 7" long (should be baseball bat sized in a day or two) and more coming. The squash and pumpkins and cantaloupe are blooming, the tomatoes are turning pink. Lettuce continues, carrots are still too little to eat, and IF THE RABBITS LEAVE THEM ALONE, the beans should be starting by the beginning of August. Life is good in my garden these days.
And at the sewing machine? Yes! Progress there too! A picture tomorrow.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - July 24 - July 30

Sunday - pizza
Monday - Picnic in the park
Tuesday - Yakitori and rice
Wednesday - tortellini
Thursday - Quiche and fruit salad
Friday - *something grilled*
Saturday - hotdogs & burgers

Start cutting denim for picnic quilt
Get Madness quilted, cut binding

M-F - Daniel swim lessons
M-T - inventory
Wednesday - Thread Connections 2:00
Wednesday - Terminix (we have carpenter ants)
Thursday - Lunch with Kathy
weeding, planting, watering, harvesting?
get propane tank refilled

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