Sunday, January 15, 2012

Follow Through!

(I suck at it, it would appear.)

So, 2 weeks later...

Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Last Week

Sew every day
20 more blocks for Laura's quilt

Monday - Last day of vacation
Tuesday - p/u contacts at optometrist
Wednesday - Sub Foley A.M.

I have all the blocks cut for a quilt for the pending granddaughter of a friend.  She wants it big, twin sized in fact, and as of yesterday I have all the pieces cut for a 54"x72" quilt.  Many of the blocks (simple, all HSTs) are done as well, but since they're 6", there's a lot of them.  It's pretty mindless piecing at this point, and top assembly will probably take less time than actually creating a pleasing, balanced layout.  That's my goal for this week - a finished top by next weekend.  This is a wee selection - about 1/3 of the final count.  I find that I am better able to critique a placement or fabric choice through the lens of a camera than I am up close and personal. 

I've got some other unpleasantries to deal with this week - mostly paperwork related.  Sewing will be a pleasant distraction.

This Week

Dinner Menu - January 15-28

Sunday - deli sandwiches
Monday - Cheddar Broccoli Soup
Tuesday - grilled pork tenderloin
Wednesday - lasagna
Thursday - crock pot chicken and stuffing
Friday - hot dogs
Saturday - pizza
Sunday - steak and baked potatoes
Monday - Beef Barley Soup
Tuesday - Fried rice
Wednesday - Mac & Cheese
Thursday - Beef Stew
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - pigs in blankets

Grocery List for above:
baking potatoes

Sew every day
finish blocks for Laura's quilt, begin assembly

Monday - Daniel's cooking class
Wednesday - dentist
Friday - Cub Space Derby

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