Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Update

Last Week

Sew every day
finish blocks for Laura's quilt, begin assembly

Monday - Daniel's cooking class
Wednesday - dentist
Friday - Cub Space Derby

I didn't sew every day, but I got Laura's top done anyway.   It's mostly scraps, I only cut into a half dozen or so pieces that were large enough to fold.  And, as always, there's plenty more where these came from.  I think the next scrap quilt I do will be stripes.  I have a lot of leftover pieces of binding and trimmings of backings.  I don't know, yet, what I'll do for a back for this one - I have to check out the piles downstairs, and I'm not totally averse to buying something.  This is, after all, a quilt I'll be paid for.

And with this done, I spent a little time with Forever.  Having decided where it will hang, I need to make it 5ish feet square - so 3600 square inches.  This picture shows it at close to 4 square feet - the "blocks" are 8 x 8 (all 1" squares.)  Since making a square is the easiest way to work, the actual quilt will be 5'4" x 5'4", or 4096 square inches.  I've a ways to go...

And finally.  On Friday, Daniel's Cub Scout troop held their Space Derby (like Pinewood, only rockets not cars) and he came in second place!  After 8? derbies, we've finally reached the podium!  (So, can we quit now, as soon as Daniel gets his Whittling Chip?  Please?)

Also, I'd like to take just a second here and wonder out loud... who knew South Carolina had such a GREAT sense of humour?  That is all...

This Week

Dinner Menu - January 22-February 4

Sunday - Ham steaks and scalloped potatoes
Monday - Beef Barley Soup
Tuesday - Fried rice
Wednesday - Mac & Cheese
Thursday - Beef Stew
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - pigs in blankets
Sunday - Steak & baked potatoes
Monday - Tomato soup and grilled cheese
Tuesday - pulled pork
Wednesday - spaghetti and meatballs
Thursday - GROUNDHOG!
Friday - pizza
Saturday - pancakes

Grocery List for above:
crescent rolls

Sew every day
Time to start considering Raffle Quilt (or Farewell Quilt for Sue? or Wedding Quilt for Amanda?  or ALL of the above?!)

Monday - No school, in-service
Wednesday - Simon Math meet

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