Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Update

Last Week

Sew every day
Time to start considering Raffle Quilt (or Farewell Quilt for Sue? or Wedding Quilt for Amanda?  or ALL of the above?!)

Monday - No school, in-service
Wednesday - Simon Math meet 

This Week

Dinner Menu - January 29-February 11

Sunday - Sandwiches
Monday - Tomato soup and grilled cheese
Tuesday - pulled pork
Wednesday - spaghetti and meatballs
Thursday - GROUNDHOG!
Friday - pizza
Saturday - pancakes
Sunday - Steak & Baked potatoes
Monday - Potato Ham Chowder
Tuesday - Kielbasa & Egg Noodles
Wednesday - Canneloni
Thursday - Quiche & Fruit
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Mac & Beef

Grocery List for above:
Spaghetti, canneloni, macaroni
baking potatoes

Sew every day
Finish blocks for Raffle Quilt

Monday - Talent Show Meeting
Monday - ACS Daffodil Days materials
Monday - Daniel cooking class
Tuesday - Scott dentist
Wednesday - Daniel haircut
Friday - Cubs
Saturday - Mom to Cuba

Beyond that?  Sorry, I got nothing.

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