Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Coleus Among the Cosmos

My garden is in. Ish.  The carrots haven't come up, and the beans are sporadic, but I didn't actually buy new seed this year so I'm not surprised.   There was a large blank space at the end of the tomato-pepper-tomatillo bed so I filled it with flowers.  Portulaca, asters, dahlias, lots of pretty cutting flowers.  And one coleus.  Coleus doesn't flower, or if it does, the flower is incidental.  But it's beautiful, regardless! 

I tend to anthropomorphize.   Parking my little Mazda next to another little Mazda makes me a little bit happy; they can talk while I'm gone!  I talk to food, and machines, and sunshine.  And as I tucked that little flowerless coleus in with the flashy Gerbera daisies and salvia, I gave her a little pep talk.  "You are strong and beautiful!  You will grow big and healthy!  The others will bloom and be showy and attract lots of attention, but that doesn't diminish you value AT.ALL.  You are as perfect in your way as they are in theirs." 

My perfect is mine alone.  Everyone's perfect is different, and isn't that just the greatest?

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