Sunday, May 06, 2018

Little late, oops

It's the outside-iest time of the year, so that's where I've been.  Out.  I was, in fact just outside scaring myself silly.  It's something I've become quite fond of, actually.  Just now, I was outside, in the dark, drinking my coffee (decaf) and listening to something in the yard.  Might have been a bird, or a possum, but probably it was a bear. 😉 Or at least that's what I had pretty much convinced myself of, anyway.

All the (food) gardens are prepped.  I went outside today with the intention of doing two.  Seven beds later I'm pooped.  And Jeff brought over a dozen beautiful eggs.  So worth it!  I've planted radishes, and realized that the package of seeds I got in the mail from High Mowing, their  Giving Garden, contains kale and beets, so those babies are going in tomorrow.  A little too soon for the squashes, I think.

The deck is on the mower, the grass along the laneway is cut.  Spring has sprung, and this year I'm not working every second, so I can actually stay on top of it.

So this week... I need to apply for more jobs.  I didn't get the Meals on Wheels gig, and I'm disappointed.  Buck up - onward to better things.

Monday - Coffee w/Stacey @F'burgh Beach
Tuesday - 9am @ Lillian
Fri - 11:30 VUES inventory orientation
Sat - Simon's coming!

6 Spatchcock chicken
7 Grilled Cheese
8 pork chops
9 Lasagna
10 Burgers & potato salad
11 Pizza
12 BBQ Chicken sandwiches
13 Chicken Pot Pie
14 Grilled Cheese
15 Bratwurst on a bun
16 Mac & Cheese
17 meatloaf
18 pizza
20 grilled cheese
21 tacos
22 spaghetti

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