Sunday, October 28, 2018

Week ending. Please.

It's raining, and it's cold.  I've been out for coffee, I've been to the farmstand, to Michael's, to the bagel place, to Shaw's, and to Costco.  There's laundry in the washer and in the dryer and the kitchen is tidy.  I'm done.  I've got my yoga pants on and I'm going to head upstairs and sew for a little while, then knit some, read some... maybe take a nap...

At work, the free food train has left the station, so I'll have to start packing a lunch.  Going out or ordering in is NOT an option, we're a 15 minute drive from anywhere, so that eats up the entirety of lunch.  No worries.  Soup and a bagel every day suits me just fine.  Prep for that.

This week - Braiden's top is done, I'll search out some backing and batting but I doubt it'll get layered this week.  But maybe.  I'm working on another Concentric Squares quilt, commissioned by Laura, who teaches art and loves the way value does all the work instead of precise construction or perfect color choices.  7'x8' I think, and if Daniel and I did the math right, somewhere between 300 and 400 HSTs is where I'm headed.  I'm well over halfway!  Since I'll have to babysit the oven this afternoon, I'll trim what I have to see how far I am.

Yesterday I go the vast majority of the garden out, by 10:30 though, the remains of Hurricane Willa had blown in, and the ice pellets weren't giving me joy, so I knocked that off.  But the front yard is cut and swept, the corner, and grass along the lane as well.  Next weekend will be Put the Car in the Garage time.  And when I get that quilt done, it's buying me some new tires.

This Week
Monday - Winter Project Planning
Tuesday - Work trip to Goodwill
Wednesday - Halloween
Thursday -
Friday - No School

What's for Dinner?
28 Chicken Cordon Bleu
29 Bread & Soup
30 Nachos
31 FFYS (It's Halloween)
Nov 1 Shepherd's Pie
2 pizza
3 chicken stew & biscuits
4 pork loin roast
5 Grilled Cheese
6 Fried Rice
7 Tortellini
8 Chicken Strips & Fries
9 Pizza
10 *something in the crockpot
11 roast chicken

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