Sunday, November 04, 2018

Weekend Update

Hallowe'en 2018 is in the books (and all the candy is mine!)  We live down a long dark lane, and even full-sized Hershey bars don't seem to lure kiddies all the way here.  And that's why I buy what *I* like. ;)  Hershey Special Dark can go into scones or cookies.  Maybe today, actually.  It's Beckie-at-work's birthday today - we should have cookies tomorrow. :)
And speaking of work - one of the housekeeping staff brought me a bag of peanut M&Ms (my favorite M&Ms) and there was a heart inside.  I'd love my job even without the candy, but I won't say no thank you.

It has become much less busy now, but not quite so un-busy that
Joanna and I have had time to go over my winter list.  My list of projects for the next 4 months.  Tuesday one of the mechanics and I are heading up to South Burlington to retrieve one of the vans, and to drop off a pile of donations to Goodwill.  I'm hoping we can meet tomorrow, but realistically, maybe Wednesday we'll figure out my winter.

With the top of Braiden's quilt done, I'm moving on to a commissioned version of the Concentric Squares quilt, for my friend, and the art teacher, Laura.    This <- is 300 HSTs, 200 of them trimmed to 4 1/2 inches.
There are more sewn upstairs, but I think this might be as many as I need.  The diagonal measure of a four inch square is just a little under 5 3/4" and with a shoot-for size of 72"x84", I *think I need 225 of them.  I have plans for the extras - much of this fabric was a gift from the late mother-in-law of my friend Erin.  Erin has an 8 year old boy, and I'll bet he has a bed... ;)

Today will be my last garden day.  It's sunny (but cold.)  Empty the beds, empty the composter, clean up the yard, done.

This Week

Monday - Winter Project Planning (lets try again!)
Tuesday - Work trip to Goodwill
Wednesday - 1/2 Day school
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday - Daniel's first (of 3) Craft Fair (Mt Abe)

What's for Dinner?

4 pork loin roast
5 Grilled Cheese
6 Fried Rice
7 Tortellini
8 Nachos
9 Pizza
10 Baked Mac & Cheese
11 roast chicken
12 Grilled Cheese
13 Fajitas
14 Spaghetti
15 Shepherd's Pie
16 Pizza
17 Pigs in Blanket
18 Beef Stew
19 Grilled Cheese & soup
22 Thanksgiving
23 Pizza
24 leftovers

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