Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Do this, please

I am not a US citizen. I don't have a vote, but I do have a voice. This week, Senators Patrick Leahy (yeah Pat!!), Chris Dodd, and Arlen Specter have introduced an amendment to the Department of Defence Authorization bill that would restore the right of Habeas Corpus as guaranteed in the US Constitution.

Clicking on the picture will take you to Sen. Dodd's website with more info. Please, if your local politicians are undecided, give 'em a poke. If they are one of the NINE senators who believe that the government should have the power to label ANYONE an enemy combatant and squirrel them off to Gitmo without benefit of trial, poke 'em harder. And if your Senators believe that the right of those detained to seek evidence of lawful arrest, a basic human right included in the US Constitution is worth standing up for, then give them a call and tell 'em thanks.


Tanya Brown said...

Excellent post. Thank you.

Hedgehog said...

I've contacted both of my on-the-fence Senators.

Sheila said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this. I've added it to my to-do list for tomorrow.

Love the cleaning ideas from yesterday! And I love the Carpenter's Wheel (?) styled quilt. Good luck with Bevin's... it's going to be gorgeous. Do you quilt your own?

Sheila said...

Oh... and I meant to say about the Habeas post... I'm not surprised that all those (but one) that indicate a 'no' vote are Republicans!

Dorothy said...

It was defeated.

"Those who would give up liberty for personal safety and comfort will eventually have neither." Well said, Mr. Franklin.