Thursday, September 20, 2007

Peace One Day

September 21, tomorrow, is Peace Day. The cynic in me screams that those who will observe it aren't the ones who NEED to. I can't create a cease-fire in Kabul. I can't stop car bombings in Anbar, or immunize Somali children, or even convince Ed and Elaine Brown that holing up in their well armed fortress is not *quite* the right way to get out of paying their taxes. But I can show up and encourage all 600 students at my kids' school that when they bellow into megaphones and hang prayer flags tomorrow, they ARE doing the right thing, that they CAN change the world, and that they are our future (so they better not blow it.) ;o)

Watch the video, pay forward a little goodwill, offer up a little forgiveness, and imagine a day with no gunshots, no rage, no hatred. Hard, huh? How sad is that.

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