Monday, September 17, 2007

Less IS more!

As I've gotten older, I've realized that often doing less with something actually makes it more. My quilts have tended to become simple geometric shapes that allow the colour and value to do the work. I like the look, and I REALLY like the easier assembly.

With cleaning, I've learned that patience is like an extra set of hands. Want a clean sink? When the dishwater drains out, sprinkle dry automatic dishwasher detergent on the wet stainless. Go away, do something else. 1/2 hour later, a wipe and a rinse gives you a sparkling sink. Dawn (or cheap shampoo) and an hour gets rid of the toughest soap scum in the shower.

My family will all swear that the less I do to cook a meal, the better it tastes. Throw it in a crock pot, walk away. Less. Less. Definitely less.

This summer I discovered the wonder of cold brewed coffee. I have a french press, love it. Love it even more for cold brew. Fancy coffee houses have jumped on this "new" technique that's not new at all. I use my Bodum, and about twice as much ground coffee as normal. Add cold water, and go to bed. Or a meeting, the pool, whatever. 12 hours or so later, push down the screen and enjoy. Just add water or milk, hot or cold. Over ice, with a biscotti and a book? Ahhhh.

And today, this. Oh my, oh my! This bread was as chewy and wonderful as the best ciabatta I've ever had. The crust was sturdy, but not tough, the dough a little sour, tender, substantial enough to hold its own under some Cabot Seriously Sharp Vermont Cheddar. Dinner is served.


Vicky aka stichr said...

I discovered the shampoo trick too long ago when my bottle fell in the tub, leaked, and cleaned the tile like never before!!!!!

Teri said...

Tell me more about cold brew. I saw a pot for this being sold at a Borders Books. Probably like making sun tea, does it make the coffee not so bitter? I like cold coffee drinks, but if you want hot coffee with this, how do you do it? In the microwave?