Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Flashback. with cheese.

Before I worked at the red brick building, I worked in a coffee shop at the north end of the Toronto Eaton Center. Lower Level, right next to the subway. We opened at 7, in time to provide the good citizens of Hogtown with the caffeinated jolt they needed before beginning their day. We didn't serve food beyond the assorted pastries and cookies delivered before I arrived at 6:30. When the morning rush was over, we all took our breaks, which usually involved getting something to eat, somewhere else. My somewhere else of choice was the deli next door, and my poison was this:
A Druxy's Famous Deli salami and cheese bagel. The bagel, in 1985 was not multigrain, it was white and small and soft and totally un-bagelly. And it was buttered (margarined) before being layered with the filling. The cheddar in this picture was not Cheddar on my sandwich. In Canada, what is referred to here as "American" cheese (perhaps the quotes should be around the word cheese?) is called process cheese, or Kraft slices. The salami was real, though. Druxy's is a deli, after all. Technically.

Yummy sandwich in spite of itself, and since work was a 20 block hike from home, I allowed the indulgence. You know, I still love a cheese and salami sandwich. It's been a while.

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