Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All the cool kids are doing it

And I'm feeling lazy (and want to go to another of my favourite places. Bed.) This has been done just about everywhere, if you need instructions to do your own, ask Amy or Rian. One thing I'm not going to do that others have, is offer explanation. You can figure them out, you're all smart people, and as Cute Boyfriend has become fond of saying, "I believe in you!" I do.

1. Age on my next birthday.

2. Place I'd like to visit.

3. One of my most favourite places.

4. Favourite object

5. Favourite food

6. Favourite animal

7. Favourite colour

8. Past pet

9. Where do I live?

10. First grade teacher's last name

11. Middle name. (it's not Ann)

12. Bad habit.

13. College major

14. Favourite holiday


Tanya Brown said...

Hey, nifty! That took some work to put together, too.

Rian said...

Had to laff at the Homer Simpson picture!

katelnorth said...

very nice, I did one recently too (you're right - it's everywhere, but it's fun) - wish I could work out who your middle name is, though :)