Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm not a Republican, so I guess I just can't get it.

How is it that Rudy Giuliani is even being taken seriously in his run for the Republican nomination, let alone in the top (or close to it) spot?

This man has no federal government experience. None.

He is at the top of the heap among candidates in a party that claims to be the one that represents true family values, and yet he's working on his 3rd marriage. He openly cheated on wife #2 (and billed expenses for his courtship of #3 to the City of New York.)

He rallied strong for his friend Bernard Kerik to be given the head job at Homeland Security, only to see the larceny and hypocrisy he helped fund splashed all over the papers.

He supports the NRA, now, but made it clear when he was the Mayor of NYC, that getting handguns off the streets and instituting strict gun control lowered crime rates.

He has stated categorically that he supports a woman's right to choose to terminate a pregancy, and has said he will not restrict federal funding for abortions, but is reaching out for the support of pro-lifers by saying he believes the practice is wrong.

He is a hypocrite standing on the bodies of 3000 innocent people and 12 dead jihadists in his bid to win the Republican nomination and ultimately the White House. Or am I missing something?

(And just to be fair, I don't see the Hillary appeal, either)


Tanya Brown said...

How long have you lived in this country? Why are you still trying to make sense out of things?

dee said...

Here's my partial answer to Repulsive Rudy Debacle. 9.11.01 The rest of my reasoning has to do with the fact that there is sooo much dirty dealing in politics today they can't get decent human beings to run for anything. It's all about the search for the perfect tabloid headlines.No one can survive that kind of dirt mongering.
I actually saw two candidates in last nights debate arguing over the citizenship of their lawn service guys this morning. We don't have jails big enough to hold all the lawn service guys and there are thousands of dead people to account for, coming home un-acknowledged and forgotten by the creeps who lied them into the sand pit they call the middle east. Rudy was a creep until the Towers fell-then he was thrust up into the clouds by the surge of Nationalism that took place. The same nationalism that produced the idiots & liars that currently reside in the White House. Rudy was a pig to his wife and children. He openly carried on with Judith(don't even get me started on her)and everyone who wasn't blind in NY saw it. He flip-flopped on every issue he was called on and I predict that all one really has to do to ensure that his lying ass doesn't wind up in the White House, is to say...Bernard Kerik. I fully agree with you( also not Rep.)the alternatives are gruesome as well. The sound of Hillary's voice for 4 years is a frightening concept. She doesn't have a platform except the Platform du Jour. Very dissapointing all around.

Zazzu said...

Dorothy....just wondering...can you vote in the U.S.? I thought you were still a Canadian citizen?

Not that you're missing much if you can't vote. I'm really scared this time (Nov 2008).

Ah, Rudy. Dee's right, until 9-11 he was a political nobody with a too tainted past to be taken seriously.

And Hillary the Shrill makes me cringe too. Again...scary.

Dorothy said...

Ah, it kills me that I can't vote (yet) but you know, if I *could*, I can't imagine getting behind any of these people. And with their brand of Machiavellian ambition, I really can't imagine getting in front of them, either.

QuiltingFitzy said...

...and I think his #1 was his cousin or sumpin', wasn't she?

I will NEVER vote for Hillary, even if it means not voting for that office.