Thursday, November 29, 2007

Okay Hillary, it's your turn

And by your turn, I hope you don't interpret that to mean your turn behind the big desk.

Polls tell us that Hillary Clinton is leading the charge to the Democratic Nomination. Really? Is that REALLY the best we have?

Hillary's own personal life seems to be fairly free of scandal, well, except for that whole Whitewater thing. And Bill. Her personal public history is fairly recent, as anything more than as the Wife Of. She hasn't been presented with the opportunities to really show the color of her ethics card. I suspect it's less green than Giuliani's, but without the context, it's not a fair comparison. She's never been the Mayor of NYC. I understand that a presidential election shouldn't be a popularity contest, but let's be honest. It really, really is. And if this is the best the donkey team can offer up, oh, I fear, I fear.

Hillary's explanations for her support/non-support of too many issues hold no water with me. It's like the kid who answers every question with *an answer?* You know? Every sentence ends with a slight high note? Is this what I'm supposed to say now? Stand for something, Mrs. Clinton. Stand for it, and continue to stand for it even if it might seem convenient and beneficial to lean a little one way or the other. No one likes a weak handshake, and lately that's all you've given us. Makes me wonder what you're doing with your other hand.

Hillary is shrill, and lately petty. In her efforts to be popular, she's become a big meany. Isn't it possible to be a considerate person AND a powerful woman? I think America is in a place now, to accept a woman in the White House doing something more than overseeing Christmas tree placement and double checking seating arrangements. I'm not sure that Hillary Clinton is, however, the right woman.

Ralph Nader, you just stay out of this. :o)


Jeri said...

I want a candidate who doesn't waste time on preaching morals to the people; who is concerned about helping the homeless and hungry and people without health insurance in THIS country first; who will actively support energy conservation (ie, going green/alternate energy development); and won't lie or waffle based on the audience at hand. Is it too much to ask for a candidate to have a spine and a set of balls? (figuratively speaking)

Rian said...

I think exceedingly little of Hillary and will leave it at that.

dee said...

I'm not a fan of Hilary either-I'm sad to say that people outside the east coast area who are not familiar with her antics and waffleing are supporting her because she is a woman. I'm not concerned with electing a woman but she should pass the same set of qualifications as a man. The only qualifications that Hillary passes in that dept. are that she can lie, cheat, cover-up, and bellow a bunch of crap to avoid discussing the real problems just ike the rest of the men. I guess the thing that bothers me the most about her is that I really believe her marriage to Bill is a total sham and a complete political "gentlemen's agreement" I couldn't care less about a person's sexuality-but it really bothers me that they call themselves a married couple and pretend to have a fondness for each other. PLEASE-they loath each other and his antics and sexual exploits in Manhattan are as famous as Fred Thompson's in Tennessee. If she had a backbone required to be a leader of people, she would have kicked him to the curb long ago and stopped relying on him to talk her up everywhere. I still wouldn't vote for her but I'd at least admire her character a bit. UGH! What Jeri said-totally. Can anyone talk about the issues, find a platform and stand on it, speak with intelligent humility, be firm without being the conservative Morality Police.
Thanks for the chance to rant, again although, Roger says you're having fun with me, kind of poking the bear with a stick.

K J Sparks said...

My problem with Hilary (other than I am a Republican) is that she seems to be waiting for the poll results to make a stand. I may be comparing her to closely to Bill, but then, why not? Of course, I am not thrilled with some of the Republican canidates either. Not sure what I will do in 08.