Sunday, December 02, 2007

The End (and the bottom)

I reached the end, and the bottom this week. Both good things.

I have finished knitting scarves. Well, for now. I did a little Christmas shopping yesterday and have gift packages ready to hit the mail tomorrow or Tuesday, weather willing.

For my oldest brother John's family: Scarves for the 2 little girls, Hannah and Juliana, and a long sleeved Vermont t-shirt for 13 year old Nic.

For second brother Ed's family: Bevin's quilt, and a scarf for Alana. Alana will be 16 next year, and after that, this family of 5 kids gets a card. Whew!

For sister Sandra's family: A scarf for Danielle, and a Vermont sweatshirt for Phillip. Phillip will also turn 16 next year, Danielle's got 2 years to go.

And for younger brother Rob's family: They win the grand prize! A scarf for Katherine, and a half naked 4 year old! :o) Daniel's modeling that last scarf, and pretty darn impatiently, I might add. I have some fleece downstairs to make a quick cozy hat for Braiden. He and Katherine are pretty close in age, and if their presents aren't similar, one or the other gets pretty irate. And if they don't care, their mother most certainly will. (roll eyes)

So that's the "end" part of the title, the bottom is this. I have reached the bottom (but not the end) of Joy. It's pretty close to 13" long, I'm almost done with the heavier of the perle cotton (ecru, size 8) and there's just a little more cross stitching. There's some size 12 ecru work to be done, then (ack!) I have to cut threads for the openwork. NOT a job for an overcast, noisy day! Maybe hmmm... Thursday when everyone's at school and the storm is over. Hasn't started yet, BTW, but it's coming.


katelnorth said...

So, will you actually send the half-naked four year old? I only ask because there are times when I might quite like to send a half-naked four year old somewhere, and if they're accepting them... :) Actually, seriously, if you know of anywhere that wants two slightly used but still attractive8-10 year old girls who bicker constantly...

Congrats on finishing up all the pressies (almost) - there are days I am glad that I only have one DB, who has no kids yet, and that DH's two nephews are over the 21 mark.

Karen said...

I'll toss in a fully clothed but anxious to play 2yo grandson.He'd love Daniel to play with.Every time he comes back from the library with grandpa he says he played with the kids first.

Good job on all that shopping, and gift making.I adore Bevin's quilt.Batiks are fab in that!

Boss gave us a snow day with the storm coming too so I am cleaning like mad and present wrapping all day!This was a bonus!One week and counting...