Sunday, February 15, 2009


Last week

finish second arm of Tori's sweater - I don't know why I can't get this done?!
assemble pieced part of silent auction quilt

Hobbit performances Thursday night, Friday morning
finish taxes - waiting for one more piece of paper
Daniel dentist Tuesday

I finished the last few inches of binding on Todd and Stacey's baby quilt, so it's ready to go whenever he/she makes his/her appearance. Once that was out of the queue, I got the centre of the pinwheel quilt done for the silent auction next month. Next come 6 inch plain borders that will be appliqued upon. As I said, I don't generally do borders, and I seriously don't do applique, but this quilt wants both. Sigh... okay.

The kids are off school this week, and they need the rest. Last week's production took a lot out of the little ones, and the older ones have just come through exams. Everyone needs a break.

Speaking of the production, what a spectacular job they did! I love every one of these kids for the incredible performance they put on. Here are some pics (I have many, many more. I'm so happy with the new camera Scott gave me for my birthday - these pictures would have been impossible with my old one.)
Bilbo is encouraged by the dwarfs to go on a quest to find the treasureThe King Beneath the Mountain has returned!With the help of the humans of Laketown, the Wood-elves slay Smaug, the dragon and Bilbo and the dwarfs claim the treasure of Lonely Mountain.Rivendell elves, Bilbo, the dwarfs, Beorn (the man-bear) and Gandalf defeat the Goblins who have tried to steal the treasure.And everyone lives happily ever after (except, I guess the goblins and the dragon)(here's my beautiful girl, queen of the light and sound board)

We've had some warmish weather this week, though it tuened cold again Thursday night. the snow is receding slowly, but we're far from spring still. This sign, on the way home from Burlington starts counting down about mid-January. Soon, soon. Our shades of grey will turn to colour...

This week

Dinner Menu
Sunday - Pulled pork
Monday - Beef Barley Soup, bread
Tuesday - spaghetti
Wednesday - pork chops
Thursday - Swiss Chalet chicken
Friday - chicken nuggets and fries
Saturday - mac & cheese
Sunday - roast turkey

finish second arm of Tori's sweater. TODAY!
add borders and begin applique on silent auction quilt

Vacation week!


Pieceful Afternoon said...

Looks like a great week - the pictures of the play are wonderful. And congrats on finishing the baby quilt.

Sara said...

The baby quilt looks great so far. What are you going to applique on it???

Menu looks good again...I am cooking out of my freezer!!!

Photos of the play were really good. What camera are you using?

Wilma NC said...

The play looked fun. Get that dang sleeve done!!!!