Sunday, March 01, 2009

This Week

Last week

continue applique on silent auction quilt

Gee, didn't give myself a lot of room to fail there, did I? I did continue working on the applique, and might even finish it (and so, finish the top) this week. That'd be cool, though I'll have to figure out what kind of quilting to do after that. Ponder... No pictures, though - I'll save them for finished.

What else did I do this week? The dearth of posting would suggest I was incredibly busy. I wasn't. I worked this week, but kind of slacked off on the cleaning/cooking to compensate. ;o) We even got takeout one night. We NEVER get takeout! The kids were thrilled, and there's still leftover rice and cashew chicken in the fridge. Darn shame I'm not snacking right now, I'm just saying.

That no snacking business is tricky. I've found myself tempted to lick cookie dough off my finger, or sneak a couple of raisinettes, but I've resisted. I'm being mindful and that's the whole point. The 3 pounds that the mean little Wii Fit slavedriver says I've lost is just gravy. Er... bonus.

This week

Dinner Menu
Sunday - Ham and Scalloped potatoes
Monday - potato bacon soup
Tuesday - mac and cheese and beef
Wednesday - grilled chicken
Thursday - pot roast
Friday - pizza
Saturday - burgers
Sunday - chicken cacciatori

finish silent auction quilt top
finish Tori's sweater

work Monday

hmmm... no pictures? Nope, not today I guess. Not here anyway.


Sara said...

Would you like to ship over some Ham and Scalloped potatoes for a sick friend??

That sounds so good for supper - and I'm feeling so lousy with this flu...

I haven't been snacking much either - mainly cause of the flu...but it is a good thing...(the no snacking - not the flu)

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the 3 pounds!