Sunday, March 08, 2009

Week in Review

Last week

finish silent auction quilt top
finish Tori's sweater - close, but I need a button

work Monday

The kids have next Friday off school, so I must, must, MUST have that quilt layered and quilted before then, else we're moving into the following week. The event is the 21st, that's cutting things too close. (Plus there'd be no time to show it off ahead!) ;o) That week, the week of the 16th, is busy, busy anyway, I know I'd have no time. I'm stuck since I'm almost out of spray baste - I could, perhaps, drive into Burlington this afternoon, but the weather's a little iffy, so I'd rather not. I've got as far as I can with it, and I'll leave it at this stage and go in to town tomorrow. The applique is all done, and as I said, gorgeous from a distance of 4 feet or more. I'll make sure it's displayed a wee bit back from the silent auction table. And not too well lit. We're all our own worst critics, though, right? So I'm sure it's perfectly fine to everyone else.

The weather's been warming a little - it still goes below freezing at night, but it's 45ยบ right now. The bulbs in the garage bed have been stirring - it's cozy up against that southwest facing wall. The field in the back is still snow covered despite the heavy rain we had yesterday evening. Everyone else's snow is gone. Must be my cold heart or something. ;o)

This week

Dinner Menu
Sunday - roast pork loin
Monday - tomato soup, grilled cheese
Tuesday - chicken and dumplings (crockpot)
Wednesday - fried rice
Thursday - mac & beef (crockpot)
Friday - pizza
Saturday - pancakes & bacon

layer and quilt pinwheels
finish Tori's sweater

Orthodontist Tori and Simon, Tuesday
PTO Tuesday pm
Parent teacher conferences Thursday pm, Friday am.
Tori to Boston Friday
contact donors re: food for fundraiser - trip to Costco?


Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

The quilt looks good from here...but then I am a weeeeeeeee bit back from the table....

we have bulbs sprouting also here in WA state.

Sara said...

Quilt turned out really nice. At first I didn't think that I would like the applique going into the quilt ... but I love it! It looks so good...

Tracey in CT said...

You aren't the only one with snow left. Down in Wilmington we've still got a lot of snow, just not on the roof anymore!

Nicholas said...

The quilt looks very nice.
We still have mounds of snow here and there.It's been a long winter here with record snow fall. Normally I prefer winter can't take much heat but I'm ready for spring this year.

Sheri said...

Dorothy, I'm Nicholas LOL My grandson has an account too and if I don't watch it I get signed in as him.

DJzMom (Judy) said...

Your silent auction quilt is wonderful. It is churning some rusty gears in my mind relative to some older pinwheel swap blocks in my closet. What a neat idea to do the vine border. I hope you don't mind if I use your quilt for inspiration. Great work!