Saturday, April 11, 2009

This COMITY business is kicking my ass!

I'm trying, geeze am I trying. My word for the year, my action plan, my New Years Revolution was to find understanding, consideration, comity in situations. To not get bogged down by the negative feelings and anger that seeing only MY side of the issue was generating. Getting mad would be so much easier! It seems that my commitment to this plan is tested constantly. Constantly meaning every minute of every single freaking day!

There are times I don't WANT to see the other side, I don't want to have compassion and understanding for the people and things that are ticking me off. And there's this irritatingly calm voice in the back of my mind saying "slow down," "consider this a little before you respond," "find a way to be accomodating." ARGH! This is hard, especially when what I really want to do is yell SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP! AND DO THIS MY WAY BECAUSE I SAID SO!!" And I just can't.


Piecefulafternoon said...

It is hard - just like my "simplify" for this year is hard - temptations lurk around every corner - but I know you can do it, hard as it is.

I'll think of you when temptations come my way - we'll get through this year and come out so much better in the end.

Zazzu said...'s the full moon (or WAS the full moon on Thursday). Everyone is being insufferably grumpy. See? Not your fault. :)

A drunken old man YELLED at me at the supermarket when I offered to let him go ahead of me. He had three items when I had about 358. He just went off. I responded by bursting into laughter. He wasn't amused.

Sara said...

Gotta blame it on the full moon - everyone was a little "nutsy"!