Sunday, September 13, 2009

This week, next week

This Week

send bento quilt to Margaret
backstitching on Hummel
Red scarf

continue garden chores
finish cleaning perennial bed
begin weeding hosta garden

Whew I'm tired! It's been a week of early mornings and late nights, capped off this morning with a 9 am trip to the vet. Sigh... fat orange cat has a tube in his penis again, and gets to sleep over for a few days.

Not so productive as last week, either, but everything got done that needed to. Plus the deck is finished except for the pretty details (and the real stairs.) I didn't do the majority of work, Scott did, but I was available to help when he needed it.

The Creepy Dudes will be finished this week, perhaps tonight. I'm going to walk over to the store in a second to get this week's paper (and, more importantly, this week's coupons.) Maybe there's a Michael's flyer with a coupon for framing. That'd be handy, since I need to go in to town one day this week, and a stop at Michael's wouldn't be out of the way.

The weather's getting more autumn-y, and the crock pot has replaced the blender on the counter. Summer is just too darn hot to leave a pot of soup cooking all day, but weather like this makes me want to get back into that routine. I'll bake some bread to go with it. Ahhh, comfort food - perfect remedy to the hectic past week. The other benefit is supper cooks itself, essentially, leaving me free to spend the whole day tomorrow(?) doing what I please, perhaps working on Marilyn's quilts. We'll see.

This Week

Dinner Menu
Monday - potato bacon soup
Tuesday - pancakes and sausages
Wednesday - chinese take out
Thursday - Summer Reading Wrap-up pizza party
Friday - mac & cheese
Saturday - tacos
Sunday - pizza

finish Hummel
Red scarf
Marilyn's grandchildren's quilts

reschedule Tori's ortho appointment
fundraiser packet stuffing 6pm
Thursday night - Open House and pizza party 5:30
continue weeding hosta garden
Landscape fabric and gravel over the "small deck" side of the big deck
begin putting veggie garden to bed


Warty Mammal said...

Gahhhhh!!!! The part about your orange cat ... poor fellow!

Your deck is looking great. I'd make a joke about your coming and doing mine, except you've probably only heard that a thousand times.

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

Oh poor cat. I agree with WM, the deck looks great!!