Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some time a while ago, and this week

Couple of weeks ago

finish crayon rolls
6 log cabin chickens

Monday - Parent Teacher conference 7:15 am
Tuesday - PTO
Thursday - sub full day Kayhart
Thursday - H1N1 Clinic
Thursday - Book Club
Saturday - Oliver matinee
Tori - "Oliver" rehearsals all week, show Thurs, Fri, Sat
put plow on tractor
schedule snow tire install & oil change

I was lost without my menu last week! I found myself every day at 4:30 wondering what I was making for dinner. Not a good plan! So we're back on the menu planning wagon too. I feel better already.

I want to have all my Craft Fair sewing wrapped up this week. I'm close to finished anyway, and with the holiday, and my absolute refusal to buy into the craziness that is Black Friday (ugh, what an awful name!) I think this is very doable. I have also begun a baby quilt for Lisa and Jon's expected one, due in March. It's just bits and scraps for right now. Will I have to buy fabric for it? I'm not opposed, but realistically, I could do this one king size and be juuuuust fine. Sigh. And progress on Forever continues as a leader/ender project. No picture of that, though. I guess I'll need to revisit that Next 4 list on the side again, it seems I'm just about caught up.

Oh! Funny story - the "cooking thing in a box" that I won at the penny fair a few weeks back was a bird feeder. Nice feeder, to be sure, and it appears to actually be squirrel proof, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to cook with it. ;o)

This Week

Dinner Menu

Monday - beef barley soup, cheese bread
Tuesday - fried rice
Wednesday - Macaroni and cheese
Thursday - Turkey
Friday - hot turkey sandwiches
Saturday - stromboli
Sunday - lasagna

finish crayon rolls
finish aprons
6 blocks for Baby Convoy


Quiltnbee said...

I agree, I refuse to be sucked into the whole Black Friday thing, either...or any of the holiday frenzy. I love reading your menus each week; they all sound if you would just go veggie, I wouldn't have to plan any of my own! haha!=-) Have a great week!

Greg said...

I too hate Black Friday..When most everyone else is running around trying to find the great bargains, I'll be warm in my bed asleep. I may crack an eye open to laugh at 'em though.

Is the squirrel doing pull ups or something?

Did you get the oil changed and snow tires on the car yet?

Warty Mammal said...

I love your feeder holder! They're not so easy to find around here, for whatever reason.

Black Friday - feh!