Saturday, January 23, 2010

And... next!

The Convoy baby quilt is now a top. That collection of striped squares in rows 1 and 3 looks worse in the picture than in the quilt itself, and as always, I'm not changing it.

But um... a top is not a finished quilt, though, now is it? And I'm starting to collect tops around here. Maybe this will be a quilting week - time to limber up my shoulders! There's this one (un-named) which will be backed in some cute baby flannel I excavated downstairs, January, for which I still need to find a backing, and the sigh, string top. I've actually found a large piece of floral flannel that I've pieced into a back for it, and then it can forever be off the list.

I wonder if I have enough batting...?

(bad angle on the photo - it really is straight and square)

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Dianne said...

Convoy is really great, Dorothy. And I think the black and white sashing really makes each block pop. What a great idea for a kid's quilt!