Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Update

Last Week

Winter Quilt finish borders, find backing
Convoy baby finish sashing

...Really? nothing?

There wasn't really nothing last week - the kids were off school for In-Service on Friday, I worked Thursday morning... but still a rather uneventful week compared to what we've had lately. The boys got haircuts. Tori had Winter Ball last night.

It's supposed to rain, RAIN! this afternoon. The weather's been pretty average the past few weeks, and this coming thaw probably means February's building up for a wallop. Groundhog Day is coming, although whether he sees his shadow or not, we'll have 6 more weeks of winter, or more. Whatever. I live in Vermont, it gets cold. And eventually, it warms up. Not much I can do about it. Besides, I'd rather have -10º than 100º anytime. You can always add layers, but when it's hot, once you're down to skin, there's nothing you can do but complain.

The budgeting has survived the first month, essentially. I've done the big shop for the next two weeks, all the bills for this month are paid, and woohoo! I didn't overspend my envelopes (though I did need to re-arrange a little.) I'm closing in on identifying the gaping hole, and interestingly, it's debit card shaped! Paying cash, not using the debit card, is making a large difference. And clipping coupons net me a savings account gain of almost $90. Friday at Price Chopper, using my store card for deals and coupons for MORE deals, I paid less than $100 for $186 worth of groceries! Yeah me! It will make forking over the cash for my hair colour appointment later this week a little easier.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have finished the top for my nephew-to-be's baby quilt. I've finished January, and I've got that %$#! string top. This week, I'm quilting. January is up first, stitch in the ditch around the Geese units. I came to the realization that what I want to show off is the piecing, that there are so many seams that free motion quilting will be a challenge, and that anything fancy won't show up anyway. Soooooo... SITD it is. I think the plan for the baby quilt is the same - concentric squares stitched in the ditch around the brights. I'll leave the black and whites as they are. I think. The string top is getting an all over loose meander, just to get it done. And then next week, I guess I'll be binding.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - Jan 24 - Feb 6

Sunday - pork tenderloin
Monday - tomato soup and grilled cheese
Tuesday - chicken drumsticks
Wednesday - fried rice and egg rolls
Thursday - pork chops and fried potatoes
Friday - calzones
Saturday - macaroni and beef
Sunday - Roast Chicken
Monday - Chicken Rice Soup
Tuesday - Quesadillas
Wednesday - GROUNDHOG DAY!! Meatloaf (heh)
Thursday - Barbeque pork in the crock pot
Friday - pizza
Saturday - Mac and cheese

Quilt all tops lying around! (yes, that means you too, string quilt)
begin piecing Silent Auction quilt

Simon Orthodontist Tuesday
Hair appt Wednesday
Sub Foley pm Wednesday
Daniel Cubs Duck Box building Friday pm
Daniel Cubs Duck Box install Saturday am

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