Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh geeze, really?

yep, really. I've decided to work on Christmas all year, avoid (ha!) the big push at the end and subject you to share with you my progress every 25th until the end of October, at which time I'll switch to regular, more frequent "Christmas on Thursday" posting.

For this month there will be no pictures. Big surprise there, huh? Instead, a list. 'Cause goodness knows I looooooves me a list.

1 - Christmas quilt for niece Danielle.
2 - Christmas quilt for nephew Nic.
3 - Something stitched for mom? I'll see if she's even slightly inclined
4 - Craft Fair items. - monster coin purses, aprons (I'm out!), Santa purses
5 - Christmas cards.

That's a work in process - the only definites are 1 and 2. The craft fair is always fun, so I'll consider it again this year. And if mom says "Enough!" with the stitching, I'll buy her something and consider it a win-win.

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