Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bound, Not (completely) Quilted

The auction quilt is completely bound (I just finished it) but it isn't completely quilted. I couldn't get it done Sunday, I ran out of time, patience, and most importantly steam, so I did enough to make binding possible, slapped that sucker on, and took it with me to school yesterday. Ignore the white fuzzies - they're part of the reason I wanted to get this thing bound, the batting edges are shredding!

I got almost one side done while waiting for my angels to return from music and P.E. I sewed some more last night, and finished it this morning to warm my fingers after putting the laundry on the clothesline. It's 27ยบ right now, and I've been back in for 1/2 hour. Supposed to warm up considerably today, though, and I won't be back home until almost noon. No point wasting a beautiful morning.

I'll finish the quilting when I get home from the gym this afternoon, before my PBSI meeting. Then it goes into the washer, back out on the clothesline before dinner, and in after my PTO meeting at 8:00.

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