Saturday, July 24, 2010

Has no one ever done this?!

So I have ten 9" string blocks pieced. They're all scraps, all random. I'm going to do the "Two Squares HST" deal on them to get a half solid, half string 8" block. This doesn't seem like such a wild idea, but can I find a picture of such a quilt on Webshots? Or Picasa? straight out Google search? No! Ami Simms come close here, but my strings will be perpendicular to the solid. Is there a real name for this block? Maybe that's why I can't find any pictures?

Once the HSTs are done, I'll set them Log Cabin Barn Raising style as I said earlier. The more I think about this, the more convinced I am that Barn Raising is the PERFECT setting. From eHow: "The thought of a rural barn raising creates a picture of community spirit. Many American farm families can look at their barns as links to the past. A barn raising shows the strength of a community in more than riches." Our little community has rallied behind this family. My teeny contribution is a small, small part of the effort to support them. I'm happy to be included.
I am absolutely sure, without a trace of doubt, that anyone who is a part of this community, and I include myself and my family in that, ANYone in a similar situation would be treated exactly the same way.

I love living here.

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QuiltingFitzy said...

The video was AMAZING!

Your project sounds interesting, I've only done one-and it was on the diagonal, leaving the middle strip of the foundation uncovered.

Can't wait to see!