Monday, October 18, 2010

The End.

So the garden? Done. I did cover the few remaining chili peppers and the volunteer tomatoes that somehow managed to dodge the freeze, but I don't hold out a lot of hope for much of anything more from them.

What did I learn?
•That I need to pay attention when I buy seeds. The mutant not-climber, not-bush beans just weren't a hit. They went from tiny to woody in about 10 minutes. Back to Blue Lake 274 next year.
•Carrots love pumpkins! I had the best carrot crop this year ever, despite their bed being completely over-run by the "oops I bought the wrong kind" pumpkins. A standard pie pumpkin next year. The biggest ones can be jack-o-lanterns.
•Square foot gardening works better on paper than on the ground. I think for next year we'll try square foot and a half gardening.
•Round zucchinis are just weird. And zucchinis, regular or weird, will not climb a trellis.
•Hot peppers go in the flower bed! The plants are gorgeous and colourful, and bed in front of the garage will give them lots of sun, and plenty of space. Grow lots - we love them pickled! And Jackie will do just about anything for pepper jelly.
•Two cherry tomato plants is enough.
•Canned tomatoes are cheap. Early Girl is good in a salad, and Better Boy makes a great sandwich. 2 of each. No more!
•Buttercup squash is not Butternut squash, but it is darn tasty anyway. It's a good climber, but maybe a little prone to disease and powdery mildew. And cucumber beetles.
•Cucumbers will catch whatever the squash gets.
•Companion planting is a good thing, but a few less marigolds will probably be okay. Roses love garlic, broccoli loves rosemary, everything loves nasturtiums, and no one but me eats cauliflower.
•Onions are easy.

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