Sunday, October 17, 2010


Last Week


back for Nic's quilt
Sew 30 minutes every day
Monster purses - at least 6 more

Pull fabric, begin sewing Daniel's quilt
Thursday (and Friday?) reserved quilting time on Handiquilter


Monday - Gym w/Donna @9
Tue - PTO
Wed - Simon PSAT
Wed - Eating Disorders talk VUHS 3:15

begin retaining wall in corner (unlikely)
cover remaining plants or pull rest of the garden Lot of good it did, though

Next Week

Dinner Menu - October 17 - October 30

Sunday - Spaghetteroni
Monday - chicken noodle soup
Tuesday - pork chops, fried potatoes
Wednesday - lasagna
Thursday - tacos (Tori?)
Friday - calzones (Daniel)
Saturday - breakfast for supper
Sunday - St. Peter's Harvest Supper
Monday - tomato soup and grilled cheese
Tuesday - Chicken Cordon Bleu, scalloped potatoes
Wednesday - Chicken (veal?) Parmesan
Thursday - shepherd's pie
Friday - Chili
Saturday - stromboli

Spaghetteroni? I picked up some marked down pasta at the grocery store yesterday, odd stuff. I have no idea why it was on clearance, the expiration date is a year and a half off, but 75¢ for a pound of whole grain semolina pasta? I don't care what the shape is. The proper name is bucatini, but spaghetteroni is so much more descriptive, no?

I spent all day Thursday at the quilter's, playing on the Handi-quilter. Fun? And how! Of course I realized as soon as I got there that I'd left my battings at home, so I had to buy them from her. No biggie, I'll use the ones I have here for another project. Rita didn't charge me (at all!) to quilt the raffle quilt (a charity quilt is free!) and only $20/hour for Nic's. $5 for thread, $50 for the 2 batts I needed, $25 set-up... a fun day (and a half) and a bargain compared to sending them out and shipping them back. I got the majority of Nic's done Thursday afternoon, but was watching the clock since I had to pick Daniel up from after-school program at 4. I raced back down there after working Friday morning to finish it up. Both are now quilted, trimmed and ready for binding. I'll schedule more time to do Danielle's, and be done!

Daniel sleeps in a twin bed with drawers under, so the quilt he'll get will need to be fairly narrow - 44" - 46" at the most so I might be able to squeak out a backing from single length of stash yardage. It's going to be a sashed 9 patch quilt, super fast and easy. <-famous last words. Once I have the binding sewn onto those other two, I'll get started piecing the 9 patches leader/ender style. We had a big storm blow through here Friday and Saturday. Lots of branches down, things blown away. Elevations above 1500' got some significant snow, but we got just rain and wind. The frost covers blew off my tomatoes and peppers and last night we had a pretty good freeze, so, sigh, they're done. I can get the rest of the garden chores done this week and next, and call it a season. Probably one more grass cut, then the mower deck can get replaced by the snow blade and tire chains. The garage will need tidying before Scott's car gets put to bed for the season, and my car could use a good vacuuming before it's too cold. Here it comes... Needlework

binding on Nic's, Ellie's quilts
Sew 30 minutes every day
Monster purses - at least 6 more
Pull fabric, begin sewing Daniel's quilt
schedule quilting time on Handiquilter


Sunday - 5K for Ellie
Monday - Gym w/Donna @9
Monday - Sub pm Ekroos
Thur, Fri - in service, no school
begin retaining wall in corner (unlikely)
pull rest of the garden

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