Sunday, December 19, 2010

And today's...

Last Week


Monday - dentist
Tuesday - Daniel school concert
Wednesday - Sub 1/2 day Foley
Wednesday - UVM admission status posted

Friday - optometrist (Tori went instead)

Oh the joy continues around here. But I'm not wallowing, I'm not. I just wish wallowing wasn't so damn tempting - there's opportunity at every turn!

Christmas has all been mailed to it's various venues, and some has been received here as well. My mother, far too generous after a lifetime of frugal sent tea and coffee and chocolate and money (for the kids.) Perfect on all counts. Cards this year are few and far between, and none are particularly newsy. I must not complain, though, since I've not sent any either.

The kids have school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I have a dentist appointment Monday morning, I'm working Tuesday, so any kid-free preparations are going to have to happen on Wednesday. Actually, I think I'm going to cancel that dentist appointment - I just don't see how I can make it work. After the holidays will be less squishy, time-wise.

Last week we heard from the University of Vermont that they'd love to have Tori come and study with them for the next four years. Yahoo! Now we need to start digging for scholarships and picking up pennies. And in two years, we'll do it again for Simon! I don't want to think about the dollars just now, though. We're all thrilled she got into her first choice school. And to kick off the celebrations? Glasses! She's been having some trouble seeing the board at school so she took my optometrist appointment Friday and yep, she needs glasses. They'll be in next week.

What else... it's cold. It's up to 8ยบ right now, when we get to double digits in an hour or so, I'll go get the paper, make some pancakes and coffee and get this show on the road. Right now, though, I'm still wrapped up in a quilt with just my face and hands poking out. Veeeeery attractive picture!

Goldie's hiding spot was discovered yesterday morning and he was trotted off to the vet. I've had enough of these extended spa vacations, so I signed the paperwork for the surgical "fix." Whereas I was sarcastically thrilled to be getting a new dryer for Christmas, my fat boy's getting, essentially, a sex change. Since the lower urinary tract of a male cat is an anatomical nightmare waiting to happen, we're un-maling him. Off with his penis! None of the boys in the house think it's at all funny that I suggested we rename the cat Crystal when he comes home on Tuesday.

Now, hmmm. I wonder what we're having for Christmas dinner? Best get thinking on that.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - December 12 - December 25

Sunday - roast beef
Monday - potato bacon soup
Tuesday - Breakfast for dinner
Wednesday - tortellini
Thursday - beef stew
Friday - pizza bagels
Saturday - Christmas
Sunday - Leftovers
Monday - tomato soup and grilled cheese
Tuesday - Simon?
Wednesday - Tori?
Thursday - Daniel?
Friday - nibbles
Saturday - pizza


Monday - Dentist
Tuesday - Sub Hatch
Thursday - kids off school until Jan 3
Thursday - Optometrist
Thursday - Tori orthodontist

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dee said...

having had a number of male cats over time I can wholeheartedly agree with you about their urinary tract problems. He/she/it will be a round ball of fluff-after he stops being pissed that is.
Wallowing is not me at all so that's not a problem. I have been a perpetual motion machine since the funeral. One day soon I'll probably drop in a heap and then get on with life. The paperwork is daunting...sigh...but I am nothing if not tenacious