Monday, December 20, 2010

I haven't forgotten, I just haven't had time

Well, something like that.

Today was cookie baking day here. Did I bake a lot? No, actually, but I did bake some, which is more than we had. Which was none. I had a few hours to myself so I cranked up the carols and got up to my elbows in sugar. Nothing really traditional, I don't like sugar cookies and I believe chocolate chips have no business on a Christmas Cookie plate. So. Shortbreads (traditional, melty buttery good, not too sweet) Nanaimo bars (think chocolate covered frosting), Breton Brittle (like the linked recipe, but with Breton crackers), and gingerbread (stars, not people. I was feeling contrary.) Also cranberry muffins and bran muffins. And soup.

And now I'm tired. I have to work tomorrow, and then pick up the cat, now completely emasculated and sporting a lovely new collar to keep him away from the sutures. He was fat and lazy before he was neutered, then he got fatter and lazier. Now that all the equipment's gone, will he turn into an ottoman? Time will tell.

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Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

so the large orange cat is really have his hose removed???

on another note, steph made some fondant from marshmallows, and it was so fun to play with! i will blog the recipe link for everyone.