Sunday, February 05, 2012

Weekend Update

Last Week

Sew every day - nearly
Finish blocks for Raffle Quilt nearly

Monday - Talent Show Meeting
Monday - ACS Daffodil Days materials
Monday - Daniel cooking class
Tuesday - Scott dentist
Wednesday - Daniel haircut
Friday - Cubs
Saturday - Mom to Cuba

It was Groundhog week!  You know what that means? (If you've stuck around this long, you do)  Meatloaf!  So here is this year's dinner.  Before, and after.  Phil says "Six more weeks of winter, better eat your veggies."  Thanks Phil.  You were delicious.  And six more weeks of the (non)winter we've had?  Fine with me.

And I haven't just been shaping rodents out of blended meat, either.  I've been sewing.  I have all of Laura's blocks done and sewn into a 54"x72" top, I have the backing, and the batting.  I'll either layer it this week, or decide to take it to Middlebury and quilt it on the large machine.

The next item on the list is a quilt for our Talent Show's silent auction.  I have always been the food person for the show, this year someone new is helping.  She wants to take a big job, and I've handed food off to her.  Fine with me - it's a last minute thing more than anything, and I'm happy to let her do it.  That means, though, that the open Silent Auction spot is now mine.  And it'll be fine too.  May 5th, so some time yet to round up donations (and get my own done.)

These are a few of the 48 (I hope) blocks I've got kinda/sorta done.  They are all trimmed so the block formed by the intersection of four corners will be square.  Problem is, I don't know what to put in those corners.  White, with *something* appliqued on it?  Black+white? A single color on all?  Random?  I'll ponder...

And my dear friend Susan is leaving me.  When school is done in June, she's off to Virginia Beach.  Lucky them.  Her favourite colour is green, and I've got a lovely celery on white toile that I'll use for the "white" in a scrappy  slightly nontraditional single Irish Chain based on the blocks in a Shelburne Museum quilt.  I'll share pictures as I progress.

Now, though, it's sunny and bright, though a little cool (about 20ยช.)  I'm gonna dress for the weather and head outside for a while.

This Week

Dinner Menu - January 29-February 11

Sunday - Steak & Baked potatoes
Monday - Potato Ham Chowder
Tuesday - Kielbasa & Noodles
Wednesday - crock pot lasagna
Thursday - Quiche & Fruit
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Mac & cheese
Sunday - Ham & Scalloped potatoes
Monday - Beef barley soup
Tuesday - Chicken Cordon Bleu
Wednesday - sausage fusilli
Thursday - stew and biscuits
Friday - pizza
Saturday - Fish (or chicken) & chips

Grocery List for above:

Sew every day
Finish blocks for Raffle Quilt
Begin blocks for Sue's quilt
Layer (or schedule machine time for) Laura's quilt

Monday - Daniel cooking class
Thursday - dentist

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dee said...

Just catching up and so happy to see Phil. Although I would normally dislike his prediction, we could have many more weeks of our current winter and I'd be thrilled. 45-50 in Feb. Bring it on.