Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Weekend(ish) Update

Oh, no Weekend Update on Sunday.  Such is life.  I'm off both jobs all week - hurray for sleeping until I wake up!  No alarms!  I do have to go in to work tomorrow, the Cafe has a new owner (or will when all the 'i's are dotted and 't's crossed.  Tomorrow we'll go over the menu, the register, work out ordering and such.  A couple hours work, I suspect.  I should make a list of go overs, but it's kind of already started in my head.


Mom has her gift, Juli's waited patiently at her post office for almost 10 days until I ahem'd her mother about maybe picking it up before they sent it back.  No word on whether or not she likes it, but that's not the point.  When I give a gift, it's the recipient's to do with as (s)he pleases.  Technically, I haven't even been informed she has it (thanks Canada Post tracking number!)

#3 Baby quilt for Lillian's Granddaughter due before 12/22
Lillian and Bob have arrived in CA with a quilt I made several years ago.  As much as I wanted to make something special, there just wasn't time.

#4 Table Runner(s?) for Stacey before Christmas (I think)
This is not to be a Christmas thing.  (phew!)

I'm going to re-do this list this week.  There's going to be another 16 year old this year (nephew Braiden) so there will be another Christmas quilt.  'That one' is not it.  There's a few more things I want to get up there too.

And I finished Jenn's hat!  Woo!

What's for Dinner?
I really should spend this week filling the freezer with easy meals for later in the month.  Should.  Probably won't.  I'm also thinking that in the interest of saving a little money post-holiday excess, we're going to eat down the freezer a little.  I guess I'll need to see what's in there...

26 Leftovers
27 Ravioli
28 Burgers
29 Pizza
30 Grilled Chicken
31 Nibbles
1 Quiche Lorraine & Salad
2 Chicken Pot Pie
3 Spaghetti
4 pork chops
5 Take out (don't care, not cooking)
6 stromboli
7 Roast chicken
8 Omelets
9 fajitas
10 lasagna
12 pizza

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