Sunday, February 04, 2018

Weekend Update

This week: 
Monday -
Tue - Meet w/Kathy
Wed - 1/2 Day School
Thur -
Fri -
Sat -

Change of plans for this weekend.  My room is going to have to wait.  Yesterday was (mostly) consumed with babysitting the cafe during the market, and then going to Lowes.😕 And then coming home to discover that the dryer is (again) not heating.  I fixed it, it ran for exactly one load, then the heater fuse blew again.  While I was at Lowes, I wandered over to the appliance department, and they have a clearance dryer that should do the trick, sooo... I called last night and it's still there.  It's small, unpackaged, and I think it'll fit in my car.  If it's NOT there today, I'll likely buy a new one anyway and have it delivered.  I think I'll offer the old one on Front Porch Forum to anyone who'd like a project.

Meatloaf Groundhog has been eaten, yummy as always.  I think my friends on Facebook would call in the St. Bernards if I didn't make and post one - something terrible must have obviously happened!

What's for Dinner?

4 Shepherd's Pie
5 Quiche & Salad
6 Pork Chops
7 Spaghetti
8 Baked Potato Bar
9 Pizza
10 Mac & Cheese
11 Roast Chicken
12Grilled Cheese
13 Pancakes (for Shrove Tuesday)
14 Chicken Parmesan
15 deli
16 Pizza
17 pigs in blankets
18 chicken pot pie
19 quesadillas
20 meatloaf
21 Goulash
22 Bacon & Eggs
23 Pizza
24 Burgers
25 Roast Chicken

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