Sunday, January 06, 2019

Happy (My) New Year

It was my birthday yesterday, so sort of a New Years do over.  My January Resolution is working out well.  While I *have* spent a little discretionary cash, it has been CASH.  And I have enough to pay for my haircut on Wednesday! Woo!  Now for a weekly resolution... no snacking after 8pm.  Since I usually take my breakfast to work and eat at my desk, not snacking gives my body 12 whole hours to digest and get hungry again before I start eating.  I'd like to stretch that to 13, then 14.

Tonight's dinner was my version of Vergennes Laundry's rice bowl.  I not only feel virtuous for having eaten so much healthiness, but I loved it enough that I am DEFINITELY going to figure out how to make this work at work.  Rice and beans and egg (HOT), cucumber, tomatoes, kimchi and guac (cold).  Maybe 2 boxes, assemble at the last minute?  I'm going to try.

I spent some time last week working on the Concentric Squares quilt for Laura.  I got a little more done today - I'm heading for 88" square, which is probably two more arounds, and then the corners.  I took several pictures - a camera lens is very honest about value, especially if you use a B&W filter.  It's remarkable how I can second guess a decision when I can't see past color.  But since value does all the work here, taking to color away makes it easier to trust myself.

This Week

Monday - Pizza & Cake at work! (we have a new General Manager and a bunch of January birthdays to celebrate!)
Tuesday -
Wednesday - Hair appt, 4:45
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -

What's for Dinner?

7 Grilled Cheese / Tomato sandwiches
8 Pork Loin
9 Baked Mac & Cheese (Daniel cooks)
10 Meatloaf
11 Pizza
12 Pancakes & Sausage
13 Beef Stew & Biscuits
14 Deli Sandwiches
15 Meatballs & Noodles
16 lasagna
17 Garlic Chicken
18 Pizza
19 Pigs in Blankets
20 Chicken Thighs and Stuffing
21 Grilled Cheese
22 Omelets & homefries
23 Spaghetti
24 pork chops
25 Pizza (Robbie Burns Day! we should have Haggis!)
26 Fajitas
27 Pot Roast
28 Deli Sandwiches
29 Stromboli
30 Laze-agna
31 Fried Rice & Eggrolls

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