Tuesday, January 01, 2019


What an odd word, yet it's been following me around for much of this week.  See?  Yet.  It's one of those multi-meaning words that works hard.  Like me. :)

yet adverba: in addition : BESIDES

b: EVEN 
c: on top of everything else

a: up to now 
   : so far
   : at this or that time
   : so soon as now
b: continuously up to the present or a specified time :STILL

c: at a future time : EVENTUALLY

3: NEVERTHELESS, HOWEVER: up to the present or a specified time
: one more time

yet conjunction: but nevertheless 

Synonyms: Adverb eventually, finally, someday, sometime, sooner or later, ultimately
Synonyms: Conjunction but, except (also excepting), only, saving
That's a lot!  More on this later this week.  Or on the weekend.

Resolutions?  Notsomuch.  I think I'll shoot instead for monthly goals, weekly goals, daily goals.  Hard things are doable in small pieces.  I'll do these on the first of each month, for the monthly goals, on Sundays for the weekly ones.  And the daily ones can just stay in my head.

January: Discretionary spending is cash only.  If I don't have cash, I don't get to have whatever it is I want.  This is a tiny effort to curtail a bad habit I've slid into in the past few weeks (really, Thanksgiving to Christmas) I have $30 cash in my wallet, a $50 bill and a piggy bank full of rollable change, and a trash can full of redeemable cans in the garage.  If I want more cash, I can sell something.  This is gonna save me a little money, AND probably force me into making some better food choices.  If I really want to save money for, you know, a haircut, then I really ought not buy that no-bake on my way home. ;)

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